Soul Prayer Portraits by Katheryn Trenshaw

Once upon a time a woman who loved my work asked if I did commissions. I offered back a clear, “Absolutely not.” My experiences with commissions, especially portraits, were not something that I was interested in. And yet this woman intrigued me. Over a period of time I had seen her blossom and grow, and she
moved me deeply. I suddenly got an idea: I would do a portrait of her if it could be in a way that inspired and fed me, that expressed what I saw in her that
she perhaps did not even see in herself. Needless to say, the process and the commission was a huge success.

Based on that experience – and the next 5 paintings she commissioned from me for all her best mates’ birthdays – THIS heart opening way is the manner in which
I am utterly inspired to do commissions!

I have been delighted ever since to do a series of soulful portraits. I offer Soul Prayer Portrait individuals, families, and businesses. These are portraits in K Trenshaw style with your symbols, hopes and dreams deeply woven in. The process involves a dynamic interview with you, an information gathering process in which I glean some key things: your favorite poems or words, symbols, what moves and inspires you. I’ll want to know what is important to YOU, so work, family, art, food…whatever you value will be woven into this ouevre.

Although it will most likely be figurative, and have a clear resonance of you and your characteristics, this portrait is not meant to be about a physical likeness so
much as about energy and your prayers for life. This portrait is a painting about your essence and core. It is a prayer for you, your life, your work, your space and
your world. And as such, this painting will enhance and vivify the space in which it is displayed.

I am delighted that Soul Prayer Portraits are something that I can offer on a limited basis as a blessingway effecting change in the world. It is a powerful coproduction process and an intimate one. I usually create two versions of each commission, so that you can “choose your prayer.”

Please contact me to discuss this portrait and ask any questions you have.

Kind regards,
Katheryn Trenshaw