IYOS – September 2012 – News

How exciting that the talented Steven Draper is doing a film about the In Your Own Skin Project as a part of his wonderful Focus Britain film series. And just in time for big launch link at the Transition Network Conference at Battersea Arts in London with the famous singer Juliet Russell (who has written a bespoke track just for the IYOS documentary) .

Included amongst those portraits being shown in London as well as in the trailer for the nearly launched Kickstarter campaign are our very own “Shit Shoveler” who wrote the first book on compost toilets for Center for Alternative Technology and the “Fierce” Matt Harvey of Radio 4 fame (who is compering and performing for the event. YAY!)  We are very lucky indeed!

for short film about the conference, IYOS and Juliet Russell and more info on Transition Network Conference go to http://transitionculture.org/2012/09/05/transition-network-conference-2012-preview-no11-matt-harvey-on-the-transition-cabaret-night/

View video about the “In Your Own Skin” project.