Practice of Awe

On May 19, 2013, in , by Dylan Williams

Practice of Awe © Katheryn M Trenshaw

Practice of Awe © Katheryn M Trenshaw

Practice of Awe © Katheryn M Trenshaw • acrylic on Arches watercolor paper

This is one of the most magical places on the planet for me. Bright pink and green carpets of Heather and pungent earthy peat and coconut scented Gorse fill the air. Stone circles and megalythic sites pierce the moody skies. And strong winds clear cobwebs from my heart and carry ravens to me and my meditative space here.

What does the raven ponder as she lands atop the holed stone of the Men-an-tol Stone Circle in Cornwall which inspires this image? Does she wonder at all how it was made? Does she try and figure out the logistics of how it was carved and placed and the uses for which it was constructed? Or does she just sit atop the stone and enjoy the breeze, the warm air, the damp mist rising from the heather and peat below her? Does she simply follow her instincts? Do ravens feel awe? I have the feeling that it may just be us human animals who have forgotten and maybe lost our way a bit from here…and we are trying to find our way home.