The Passionate Presence Center offers a simple yet powerful approach to unwrap innate wellness, genius and freedom through creativity, movement and mindfulness.  We conduct educational events, workshops, multi-media participatory projects as well as offering inspirational illustrated keynote talks. Further, we offer  consulting for individuals, communities and organizations around the world.

Katheryn Trenshaw is an international artist, writer and facilitator. She is the founder and creative director of the Passionate Presence Center. As a professional artist and consultant, she has used the transformational power of the arts to work with tens of thousands of people over the last 30 years.

 Katheryn’s inspiring images can be seen in galleries, books, cards and reproductions.She also offers resources for creative awakening and well-being.

“Katheryn is so wise about stepping deeply into life. She is an inspiration in embracing and dancing with the infinite.”

-Marcy, USA


“Where there is Katheryn, there is beauty, passion and magic.”

-Denise, London, UK


“I wonder if I can find some words to describe the magic of Passionate Presence?! deep nourishment, deep feminine, deep masculine, deep rest, light play, light heart, free flying, coming back home, being, what is. Totally recommend.”

-Sophia,  Spain