Original Prints: etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, linoleum block cuts

Spiral Dancing With the Moon
Original prints on the theme of women in transformation

Over the course of two years, in the Netherlands, I focused on creating extremely limited editions of lithographs, etchings, monoprints and woodcuts on the theme of women in transformation. This series of original prints is the result. They reflect woman in all of her delectable inconsistent complexities. This body of work was created with the help of grants from both US and Dutch arts organizations and many wonderful supportive friends. Several of the original prints from this series are still available for sale.

Mistral Women
16 x 22inches, 1993, edition of 9

Queen’s Duality
9 x 5 inches, 1993, edition of 15
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Trying to Find You
11 x 9 inches, 1993, edition of 16

Song: The Womyn
12 x 15, 1993, edition of 8