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Our fundraising campaign to create the In Your Own Skin Film is officially launched!

Our first event June 13th was a huge success and great fun.  Thanks to all of your who took part in so many ways. And now please join us to help us to make this project a reality.
Donation £10 – £10,000* 
Donate to help make the independant documentary project a reality here with Paypal button below or send a check.

Buy raffle tickets for the October 18th event* in Totnes. Raffle tickets are 5 for 5 pounds sterling… we can take euros and dollars too.


In Your Own Skin is an international community multi-media project with photographic portraits from over 100 people who have shared for a moment what is hidden as a gift to us all. What word or phrase would be absolutely true about you but not obvious to strangers?

“Katheryn Trenshaw’s In Your Own Skin Project confirms my faith in deep essential human beauty and the innate benevolence in us all. It is an inspiring visual anthem to humanity.”

-Jamie Catto, musician and film-maker, creator of dance music super-group Faithless, Grammy award winning 1 Giant Leap

*This is a fundraising event! Please help by donating generously (online or at the event) and buy tons of raffle tickets just because you love it and want to see it come into being.