Passionate Presence Consulting by arrangement.

Organization – Innovation – Creation – Re-Invention – Re-Vision – Presence.

Individual 2 hour, half day and day long sessions are available for individuals, couples and organizations. Sessions are geared to revealing and discovering  what is authentic and true. From these innate strengths and natural abilities, individuals and organizations thrive. This inside out approach allows for the natural flow, satisfaction and success to arise. These sessions can be used for professional, personal, and artistic development.

“Everything is changing and connected. And our call is to enter a dance with the things and forces of the world, not just deflecting what comes at us. For often, the things we need to learn are in the spaces in between.”
-Mark Nepo


Passionate Presence Center Consulting

If you would like to book a consulting session, organize an exhibition, slide lecture or workshop in your area, please get in touch

“The way of love is not a subtle argument
The door there is devastation.
Birds make great sky circles.
Of their freedom.
How do they learn it?
They fall
And in falling they’re given wings.

The Passionate Presence Center is an international center without walls through which Katheryn Trenshaw offers training and facilitation in movement, art, and personal development.
Katheryn Trenshaw conducts educational events, workshops, multi-media projects, and undertakes consulting for individuals, groups, and organizations in the United States, Europe, and around the world.