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“My work is about giving expression to authentic human experience, of change and transformation, relationships to people and nature and responding to numinous ancient wisdom that constantly seeks our attention.

It is awareness of the simple, sacred moments of living that evolves into the sensuous forms, vivid colours and contemporary connection with ancient energies that comprise my paintings.

“Katheryn Trenshaw is an American born fine artist of international repute. She now lives in Devon, England, where she has drawn inspiration for her work from sacred sites and stone circles. She runs workshops and gives lectures on art, therapeutic creativity and women’s issues.

Katheryn Trenshaw Card Packs Card packs of 8 (blank inside) US$21.95 / UK£13.95 plus postage (5 x 7in/127 x178mm)

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1. Gardening Secrets


2. Solar Transformation


3. Soul Mates


4. Welcome


5. Recipes for Self Healing


6. The Gardener



7. Autumn Offerings


8. Magic Maker


9. Don’t Go back to Sleep


10. Crone-Wisdom-Keeper


11. Raising the Spirits


12. Spell of the Sensuous

Spell of the Sensuous

The Passionate Presence Center is an international center without walls through which Katheryn Trenshaw offers training and facilitation in movement, art, and personal development.
Katheryn Trenshaw conducts educational events, workshops, multi-media projects, and undertakes consulting for individuals, groups, and organizations in the United States, Europe, and around the world.