Katheryn Trenshaw has a rare gift for encouraging expressive risk-taking within a safe setting. Her contagious passion for life and her ability to encourage celebration and making the everyday sacred are hallmarks of her work.
Katheryn has been involved in the creative arts since she discovered her opposable thumb. She redefines art as a way of living and inspires people to recreate their own lives as works of art, tapping it as vehicle for the soul’s expression.

Katheryn says, “I love dancing with paradox.  From this viewpoint I can see how we connect and are joined by our commonalities.  My work is about giving expression to authentic human experience–of change and transformation, relationships to people and nature and responding to the numinous ancient wisdom that seeks our attention.”

Katheryn brings an invaluable global perspective to In Your Own Skin because the book brings forth universal truths that anyone and everyone can connect with.  She has experience in using art to address and expose universal truths.

Her exhibition, Breaking the Silence, a project for and about survivors of child sexual abuse, consisting of one hundred sculpted masks and multi-media elements, had a dramatic impact on both the media and the public in the early ’90’s and for the next fifteen years that it toured throughout the United States and Europe. There were exhibits with lectures in San Francisco, California; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Three Rivers, Michigan; San Diego, California; Kansas City, Missouri; South Haven, Michigan; The United Nations, New York, New York, USA; and The Hague and Leiden, The Netherlands.

Masks from Breaking the Silence was shown in Progress of the World’s Women, an international exhibition that featured seventy artists from more than fifty countries that was shown in the visitors’ lobby of the United Nations in June of 2000. The exhibit opened at the start of the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly, which reviewed progress achieved in gender equality. The exhibition presented a collective statement in bold artistic terms of the power of women at the opening of a new millennium. The exhibition—a collection of works of art across many cultures, mediums and materials—aimed to expand contemporary understanding of the world and inspire our imaginations to envision a future world where the promises of the UN Fourth World Conference on Women had been fulfilled.

The resulting publicity for Breaking the Silence propelled Katheryn into the international lecture and workshop circuit. Katheryn’s talks and teachings on art, therapeutic creativity, and the “perfection of imperfection” are popular. She has given papers and been a keynote speaker at conferences (academic and for the general public), and led a wide range of workshops and lectures.  Her audiences have ranged from ten to more than five hundred.

Katheryn has BAs with honors in Psychology and French from Michigan State University as well as a host of postgraduate study in academics, arts, movement, and embodied consciousness study. She is a member of the National Honor Society in psychology, Psi Chi.  She has traveled and taught throughout the world and has lived in the USA, Netherlands, Italy, France, and England.

Currently, she lives with her teenaged son in Devon, England in Totnes, one of the “the world’s Top 10 Funkiest towns.”  There, overlooking Dartmoor National Park, she has a small organic orchard, four chickens, and two cats.

“Working with Katheryn Trenshaw is fun and illuminating. It has served the unfolding of my deep remembering. Artist, healer, transformer; Katheryn embodies what she teaches.”

DJ, M.S., mother and school counsellor