“Katheryn Trenshaw uses colour and depth to convey the joy, the pain and the range of the experience of being human. When you see her work, you can see through it to the artist herself, and can sense a woman who has loved and experienced much in her life. You can also see through her work to see yourself- your own pain, journey and triumphs. Owning a piece of Katheryn’s work is like owning a mirror for the human race.”  – Lorna Davis, General Manager, Danone Corporation

‘My work is about giving expression to authentic human experience – of change and transformation, relationships to people and nature and responding to the numinous ancient wisdom that seeks our attention.’

copyright K Trenshaw

The silent, solitary and contemplative time that precedes the execution of my work (currently much of it being in ancient stone circles and sacred sites) is a process of ‘remembering’ and honouring the primaeval connections for which I become a translator. The media in which I work are magical ones: the unpredictable qualities of raku-fired ceramics and wet-washed watercolours that often seem to have a life and message of their own to blend with mine.

It is attentiveness to the simple sacred moments of living that evolves into the sensuous forms, vivid colours and contemporary connection with ancient energies that comprise my work. In this way my life is my work, and my work is my life.’

Katheryn Trenshaw is a fine artist of international repute. She is American born and received her BA degree from Michigan State University and L’Universite Haute Bretagne, France. For more than ten years her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the US and Europe. Concentrating largely on watercolour painting, print-making and ceramic sculpture she has received critical acclaim both as a painter and a sculptor.

Her touring exhibition, Breaking the Silence, depicting the traumatic effects of sexual abuse and the subsequent struggle towards healing through 100 raku masks, had a dramatic impact on both the media and the public in the early nineties. The resulting publicity catapulted Katheryn onto the international lecture and workshop circuit. Her talks and teachings on art, therapeutic creativity and women’s issues are currently in great demand.

In the mid-nineties Katheryn moved from the States to the UK, where she has created a vast body of work entitled The Wisdom of the Stones. This combination of delicate watercolours and raku-fired sculptures records the day-dream visions Katheryn experiences whilst visiting megalithic sacred sites across England.For Katheryn, art is a vehicle for the soul’s expression. Her continuous commitment to personal growth through living her life as art enables the creations to come from a deep, integral place. People resonate with the simplicity of the images and the magical quality they imbue into the every day.