Katheryn Trenshaw, the founder and creative director of the Passionate Presence Center for Creative Expression, is an American-born UK based international artist, writer film-maker and facilitator who has been offering workshops and consulting for over 20 years. She has been a professional artist for over 25 years. She holds two BA hons in Psychology & French and has travelled extensively. Her work is edgy and juicy, dynamic and transformative. She is a strong believer in making life an art and living until we die. She is also a mother, a healer, a dancer, and a transition activist.

Katheryn also offers Individual and Creative Consulting sessions by phone or in person. These can be used for personal, professional, artistic or therapeutic process.

Background: Working with healing and creativity through the body has always been a passion. In addition to formal academic studies she has 20 years of 5 Rhythms training, 10 years of Qi Gong training as well as extensive Tantra, Expressive Arts, Somatic & Gender Psychology, Yoga, Massage and lifelong never ending art training. These all inform the work. In the last decade, the teachings of Suprapto Suryodarmo, David Deida and most especially Adam Bradpiece and “Movement of Being” work have deeply informed and inspired the way that she teaches and lives.

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BBC TV features In Your Own Skin.

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The Passionate Presence Center is an international creative experience without walls through which Katheryn Trenshaw offers training and facilitation in movement, art, and personal development


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